Introducing TapBoards

Introducing TapBoards

TapBoards are the easiest way to discover information. Simply place an NFC enabled smartphone on the TapBoard and tap the required information.



TapBoards contain a electronic circuit board which is powered by your smartphone. By pressing one of the TapBoards’ 8 menu buttons you select data to be passed to the phone via NFC. The selected information is displayed either on the phone’s browser or in an App.


Works Anywhere

As TapBoards use the smartphone’s power and internet connection to deliver the information they do not require external power, nor an internet connection, TapBoards can be placed anywhere.


Tap, Scan or TXT

TapBoards transfer information to your smartphone using NFC. Smartphones without NFC can either scan the QR Code or use TXT to open the interactive TapBoard menu.


Change / update / re-deploy

When your campaign is over your TapBoard can be easily updated. Simply apply a new artwork menu design to your TapBoard. Update our cloud based iPX™, campaign management system(CMS) with the new button actions. You’re Good to go!


Super Powerful

Each TapBoard button is powered by the iPX™ so it’s content can change based on time of day, programmatically, or even by the consumers loyalty level.

10 Designs

TapBoards come in over 10 different button configuration.

TapBoards can be incorporated into a creative layout size from A5 to A0. Even a business card size is available.

The standard TapBoard is mounted in an A4 snap lock, weather resistant, lockable frame, however other mounting possibilities include:

  • Inside a poster
  • On a Kiosk stand
  • On a horizontal or vertical surface
  • Behind seats on public transport
  • Within promotional pieces
  • On table surfaces for food courts or restaurants
  • Inside our acrylic stands (available as an option)
Tap Boards Image

iPX by iProximity

  • TapBoards are powered by the iPX, which is iProximity’s Campaign Management System.
  • iProximity are the leader in enterprise management systems for proximity based information and marketing services.
  • The iPX allows you to control the actions of your TapBoard from the cloud.
  • Each TapBoard button has a powerful CMS behind it allowing the information delivered to the consumer’s smartphone to be changed based on time, location, or connect the iPX to your CRM to reward consumers on loyalty.
  • Each TapBoard purchase comes with a login to access your TapBoard’s iPX, or multiple TapBoards can be controlled via one iPX login

What is NFC

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a short-range, low power wireless link that can transfer small amounts of data between two devices held closely to each other.

NFC is pre-installed on most smartphones and a phone usually does not require an App to read a TapBoard.

The NFC needs to be turned on in the smartphone’s settings and your Smartphone needs to access the internet.

iPhone 1 to 5 do not have NFC, however a SMS code and QR Code is provided on every TapBoard so that iPhone users can still easily discover the same information.

Stats & Analytics


TapBoards provide marketers and analysts with a huge range of statistical data.


The data is access via the iPX and can be exported to other analytical systems.


Information includes time, date, location, information selected and may, depending on the application include some data on the users smartphone.

Everyone can use TapBoards

TapBoards are interactive and fun to use and you get to take the information you discover with you on smartphone.

Most late model smartphones equipped with NFC can use a TapBoard. NFC needs to be on and the phone requires an internet connection.

Early model iPhones that do not have NFC can use the SMS or QR Code displayed every TapBoard.

Some TapBoard installations use an App, the TapBoard will explain which App to download.

Ideas for TapBoards

TapBoards for shoppers

– As a Kiosk for Malls

– Coupon selection

– Directory of shops or brands

– Product information

– App Download

– Social media interaction

TapBoards for information discovery

– What’s around me

– Directories for shops, restaurants, etc

– Historical information

– Product information

– Product recommendations

– Product comparison

– Price comparison

TapBoards for Auto Sales

– Model Comparisons

– Colour selection

– Accessories

– Options

– Finance

– Brochures and specifications

TapBoards for tourism

– Places of interest

– Accommodation directory

– Restaurant directory

– Shopping directory

– Activity Director

– Historical information

– Social media sites

TapBoards for ordering

– Fastfood menus

– Ordering

– Dietary requirements

– Meal information

– Product selection

– Product description and photos

TapBoards for Restaurants

– Menus

– Wedding and function information

– Social Media pages

– Reviews

– Facebook Like

– Coupons

– Loyalty program

TapBoards for learning

– Access to resources

– Download materials

– Discover related materials

– Project access

– Events

– Diary of activities

TapBoards for Real Estate

– House information

– Video walkthrough

– Suburb information

– Local information

– Local price information

– Facilities close by

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