Proximity Driven Content

Automatically interrupting your digital sign’s programming to display contextual content specifically for the known person approaching the screen’s proximity.


Smartphones control Digital Signage

ScreenSmarts can turn any smartphone into a remote control of a digital screen allowing the viewer to choose which of your content they wish to see.

Content on both Smartphone & Signage

ScreenSmarts can deliver the same or different content simultaneously to both the user’s smartphone and the digital screen.


Immersive Product Information

ScreenSmarts allows your customers to scan your products with their smartphone to deliver rich immersive product information and demonstrations on your digital signage.


Multiple Activation Technologies

ScreenSmarts is loaded with many options including the ability to use Beacons, NFC, QR Codes, SMS, WiFi, email or even a phone call to trigger sign interaction. It works with any phone!


Cloud Management & Analytics

ScreenSmarts is part of iProximity’s iPX™ platform that manages Internet of Things devices delivering digital context to physical spaces. ScreenSmarts is managed from the cloud allowing rapid changes across geographically diverse installations.

ScreenSmarts Use Cases

Lady in rack of clothes with phone 200Digital signage is exploding across retail, ScreenSmarts enabled the signs to not only display contextual information to customers, but to also become fully interactive to immerse customers in the products or brands features and benefits.

  • Contextually change content based on the customer’s presence
  • Deliver detailed and immersive product demonstrations and information
  • Allow screens in window displays to be controlled by customers
  • Offer new product suggestions based on previous purchases
  • Connect with customer’s online product browsing history to be have the same products promoted when the customer is in-store (requires integration with Signal)
  • Deliver personalise promotions and offers linked to your loyalty programs

Women in front of screens 400pxDigital Signs are becoming more prevalent and also replacing the traditional billboard with a format that can offer higher yields. The internet has allowed us to target advertising to individual consumers for some time now and ScreenSmarts brings this technology to digital signs.

  • Contextually change the screen’s context based on the presence of a known consumer
  • Deliver targeted offers and information
  • Allow consumers to control the Sign’s content

Airport Traveller with sign and phone using screensmarts 200ScreenSmarts can add significant value for both tourists and travel operators by presenting information of interest to the tourist in their native language. Signage and Kiosks can respond to tourist’s requests and truly become interactive for smart city initiatives.

  • Bring tourist information centres to life 24X7 by letting the tourists select information to be displayed on the signage from a menu of choices using their smartphone
  • Automatically determine the native language of the tourist via their smartphone and play pre-prepared content
  • Offer way-finding information
  • Deliver information, including downloads to the smartphone of the tourist so they can take information with them
ADMA HelloBubbles 200HelloBubbles floats the name of known visitors on to the digital sign when the visitor comes within range of the screen. In this example, at the 2015 ADMA Festival of Marketing event in Sydney, delegates were logged into the proximity enabled event App to access their session information and entry tickets.

The Fujitsu digital sign was fitted with an iProximity Beacon which was detected by the delegate’s smartphone as they approached and then ScreenSmarts floated their name on the sign in the ‘HelloBubble’.

Fujitsu’s TELentice system was used to create the transparent HelloBubbles layer over the event’s twitter feed.

Doctor with iPad and Screensmarts 200Health Services can benefit greatly from the integration of a known persons proximity with digital signage.

  • Patients vital history could be shown on the screen above a Hospital patient as Doctors or Nurses enter a room
  • Patients could be welcomed to a busy practice with a personal screen message
  • Ancillary service staff such as Cleaners, Porters or Security Guards could be shown instructions on their next assignment
  • Patients could receive way finding information for their appointment

ScreenSmarts Benefits

  • Works with any phone
  • Some solutions detect and read a membership – requiring no phone
  • Can integrate with most internet connected media players or controllers – we work with your existing digital signage provider
  • Integrates with iProximity’s proximity and contextual solutions using Beacons, NFC, QR Codes, WiFi etc
  • Connects and integrates with your existing CRM, ERP, Marketing Automation Platform, Analytics platforms etc
  • Global solution can be rolled out anywhere
  • Patented Solution – work with the innovators not the copy cats

ScreenSmarts Brochures and Information


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