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Smart Places are digitally connected allowing you to both deliver contextual information and collect real-time information from the space.

It sounds so difficult to actually do, but with iProximity Smart Places solution delivering proximity based information via a smart device or digital sign is amazingly quick and simple. We have a range of solutions that use technology including iBeacons, Eddystone Beacons, NFC, SMS, WiFi, digital coupons, TapBoards and even the QR code. We offer app based and no app solutions and can cater for multi-language content.

Our smart places solutions can also be contextual, by connecting into your existing data we can provide personalised content to a user based on not only their proximity, but who they are, and the knowledge you may have on them.

Any place can be smart – just ask us how!

Kelpie trailSmart tourism solutions allow visitors to receive native language information via their smartphone, or digital signage based on their precise location, at anytime.

Smart tourism solutions can wake a visitor’s smartphone to ensure delivery of location based information of virtually any media format. The solution also provides real-time visitor analytics, allowing you to understand the number of visitors, their actions and subsequent movements around your attractions.

Our tourism solutions operates across a wide range of technologies to ensure the widest possible adoption. Our solution is also dynamic, allowing you to update the digital content across all your location from the comfort of your office.

iProximity’s smart tourism solution integrates with local businesses providing them a commercial opportunity to generate leads and customers.

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Hydroponic vegetable farmThe Internet of Things is transforming the agriculture industry and arming farmers with real-time information to contend with the enormous challenges they face. Fighting against increasing water shortages, limited availability of lands, spiralling costs and unpredictable sale prices while meeting the increasing consumption needs of a growing global population.

New innovative smart agricultural solutions are available to address these issues and improve the quality, quantity, sustainability and cost effectiveness of agricultural production. Today’s farmers can leverage smart agricultural solutions to remotely monitor sensors that can detect soil moisture, crop growth and livestock feed levels and utilise intelligence based analytics to analyze operational data combined with 3rd party information, such as weather services, to provide insights and improve rapid decision making.

Cross Industry Solutions

Real-tiRTLS imageme locating systems (RTLS) are used to automatically identify and track the location of objects or people in real time.  

iProximity utilise active or passive RFID or low energy Bluetooth depending on the solution requirements. Increasingly we are seeing a demand for incorporating edge processing or connectivity through the addition of our iPR™ IoT Hub.

Real-time data from the RTLS is analysed and processed on our iPX™ platform where the data may be combined with other information, or run against a series of rules to determine next actions, notifications of further information processing.

The iPX™data is often fed back into mobile applications allowing for the rapid assessment of any situation wherever your workforce is located.

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Facility Management ImageiProximitys real-time location and contextual information service increases the efficiency, engagement and productivity of the mobility-empowered employee providing enhanced real-time visibility to truly enable your facility management systems.

Key Features

Automate asset identification & location:  Tag assets with either NFC/RFID tags or iProximity Beacons to easily identify and locate. Track and manage spare-parts inventory for work orders;

Engage employees: by automatically populating their mobile device with the required information and check lists for each task;

Ensure OH&S and workflow adherence and compliance: by enforcing process through both workflow and proximity;

Increase employee productivity: through viewing, creating, and editing work and service orders on mobile devices while confirming time and materials used;

Automatically report on tasks start, dwell and completion times.

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Asset Maintenance ImgEnterprise Mobility has revolutionised asset management and maintenance. Enterprise applications leveraging proximity and context report further gains in employee productivity, engagement and visibility, while also improving the enterprise’s efficiency, adherence to workflow and OH&S compliance.

Business Benefits

• Increase employee productivity by eliminating manual processing and enabling the employee with real-time data;

• Increase employee engagement by delivering the right information where and when they need it;

• Gain valuable insight into employee activity, task duration and task scheduling issues by understanding the exact amount of time to perform each task;

Reduce back office overhead by integrating with enterprise business process systems and remove the manual keying of daily log sheets and reports;

• Increase equipment uptime by having a faster and more accurate visibility of the maintenance and service activities;

• Improved confidence in system maintenance through knowing the workflow must be completed while the employee is adjacent to each asset.

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Vehicle Fleet ImageHistorically cost effective vehicle fleet management has been difficult to achieve, however, iProximity’s IoT approach can dramatically increase the visibility of  actions, reporting and management of your fleet.

The combination of vehicle sensors adds a layer of context awareness to the App which adds significant benefits including:

  • increased richness and accuracy of the information collected;
  • the potential to include additional Application features;
  • increased employee adoption and engagement through improved App usability, and
  • enforce adherence to workflow and OH&S compliance without adding prohibitive costs

” Its like magic, the appropriate form for the required particular contextual workflow is displayed automatically on the employee’s device and instinctively associated with the correct vehicle”

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Women in front of screens 400pxDigital Signage is transformed with ScreenSmarts, allowing the content of the sign to be changed based on the proximity of people, or, allowing any smartphone to choose a screen’s content. We call it “smart digital signage” by ScreenSmarts

  • Proximity Driven Content: Automatically interrupting your digital sign’s programming to display contextual content specifically for the known person approaching the screen’s proximity.

  • Smartphones control Digital Signage: ScreenSmarts can turn any smartphone into a remote control of a digital screen allowing the viewer to choose which of your content they wish to see.

  • Content on both Smartphone & Signage: ScreenSmarts can deliver the same or different content simultaneously to both the user’s smartphone and the digital screen.

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ad-retargetingiProximity’s platforms and sensors are designed to interact with people through understanding their proximity and activities with a location. This contextual engagement can be extended to allow advertsing platforms to be significally more targeted in delivering advertising feeds to their web and mobile applications.

iProximity is a proud partner of Unacast. Unacast is the number one platform connecting consumer’s offline behavior from beacons and other sensors with online marketing platforms. The Unacast network is the largest network of proximity companies in the world and now includes over 1 million deployed sensors globally, cementing its number one status as the backend of all proximity data.

The ability to connect what customers do offline in the real world to what they do online – combining their physical and digital selves – means greater convenience, faster shopping, immersive experiences, more relevant communication, tailored products and offers.

iProximity’s re-targeting solutions include the ability for you to re-target your own customers and sell your proximity information to other parties that may wish to advertise to customers based on your proximity information.

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iProximity enables our customers to deeply engage consumers based on their proximity within a location. We incorporate the latest technology including Beacons, RFID, NFC, Dynamic QR Codes, SMS and Wi-Fi combined with the consumer’s smartphone to deliver contextual marketing or information services based precisely on that consumer’s current activity.

iProximity has developed the leading proximity management and campaign platform the “iPX” that simply manages 1 or thousands of campaigns and locations from the cloud. In addition, we have proximity apps including the multi-award winning HelloLocal and unique information discovery products such as TapBoards, our advertising re-targeting solution, our mobile coupon platform ‘Moups‘ and ScreenSmarts that integrates proximity with digital signage . With solutions designed for Enterprise and Community, iProximity is the cutting edge provider of proximity solutions.

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Coupon ExampleThe Global use of mobile coupons is expanding exponentially. According to Juniper Research, mobile coupon usage will surpass 1 billion users by the year 2019.

iProximity is launching our new mobile coupon platforms called “Moups” over March and April 2016.

Mobile coupons can be distributed via social media, email, SMS, Wi-Fi or pulled by the consumer using QR codes, NFC tags, Beacons etc. iProximity’s Moups  are fully interactive allowing you create entertaining coupons from loyalty cards to scratch and win games.

Moups are location enabled and can be triggered by both Beacons and geo-location technology. Naturally our Moups’ platform includes a series of coupon validation methods, data integration and real time analytics.

Moups are a great way to use your Beacons to interact with consumers with or without a mobile app.

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