New Smart IoT Product Releases

mcf-logo-on-trans-03Interactive Mobile Scratch Coupons Loyalty & Store Cards, Punch Cards and Mobile Wallet Passes with a huge range of features

Deliver product information instantly with a range of no App and in App features and solutions


Wi-Fi enabled Smart Motion Detection with a range of additional sensors, alerts, alarms and notifications for smart buildings

iProximity’s Smart IoT Products

iPX Iot Platform TransThe iPX™ Platform remotely manages IoT devices including iBeacon, Eddystone Beacons, NFC Tags, QR Codes, iPRs™, iProxiFi Sensors, ScreenSmarts and RFID readers. The iPX™ controls Campaigns that determines the content or trigger actions that are presented when devices are triggered usually through proximity or detection. The iPX™ manages the flow of IoT data to and from devices, SmartPhones, Tablets, Digital Signs to and from your systems. The iPX™ connects to virtually any systems from CRM, ERP, Marketing Platforms, Sign Controllers, Building Automation, etc. Presents usage data within an internal data analyst tool or allows API access to the Data. The complete self-managed platform for IoT solutions and proximity information and marketing services.

iPR™ Smart IoT Hub TransiProximity’s iPR™ is a smart multi-functional, highly configurable IoT Hub offering multiple communication and sensor options depending on the requirements. The iPR™ connect to the internet via Ethernet, Wi-Fi, Cellular, Sigfox, or LoRaWan as well as offering Bluetooth, BLE, ZWave, Zigbee and Wi-Fi connectivity to remote sensors. A huge range of internal and external digital or analogue sensors or modules can be connected to provide real-time data insights. The iPR™ is a powerful computer allowing the edge processing of sensor data, ensuring that only variation data is transmitted, eliminating wasted bandwidth and storage. the iPR™s data is transmitted to the iPX™ for processing and connectivity options, whilst allowing fully OTA control of the iPR™


Mobile Coupon Factory offers mobile coupons in various formats including scratch promotional coupons, loyalty and store cards, wallet passes and stamp cards. These formats go well beyond traditional digital coupons as they include promotional mechanics, analytics, re-marketing tags and fully integrate with most marketing automation platforms, mobile wallets (Apple Pay, Google Wallet etc) and point of sale systems. Mobile Coupon Factory has enabled coupon distribution via various digital means including SMS, social media, email, newsletters, PDFs and in-store via WiFi, QR Codes, NFC, and Beacons. Mobile Coupon Factory has also developed coupons that integrate with online stores. These coupons give customers the fun of the promotional game mechanic and then pass the validated prize value and consumer details directly into the store’s payment system.

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InfoBox enables the instant delivery of any type of information directly to SmartPhones. InfoBox turns Point of Sale merchandising,  product packaging, or, any location into digital customer engagement mechanisims, delivering customer interaction with amazing customer insight and powerful analytics. Deliver product information or promotional offers. Dynamically tailor the promotion by customer, store, region, product, or country. Deliver multi-language video, images, webpages, social media, or programmable, measurable promotional coupons through the Mobile Coupon Factory. InfoBox’s simplicity is loved by customers.  Multiple technologies allow any customer to interact with your POS or products. Both No App and App driven solutions. Works with all smartphones.

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The iProxiFi is a Wi-Fi enabled motion, ambient light, temperature & humidity sensor that connects via your existing Wi-Fi network delivering real-time information, alerts and notifications. The iProxiFi makes it simple to detect motion events in any space without a requirement for cabling. The iProxiFi transmits sensor data securely over your existing WiFi network. IoT equipped Smart buildings offer a huge range of valuable insights, the iProxiFi allows you to monitor movement, temperature and light at different times of day. This gives companies the significant advantage of being able to predict and measure room utilisation, likely wear and tear on equipment and prevent unnecessary maintenance or failure and reduce wastage.


Passively monitor health and activity scenarios within a home environment. SARAH is a smart passive monitoring solution consisting of discreet, wireless sensors placed strategically into a patients or client’ home to provide automated, full-time monitoring of chosen daily activity scenarios. SARAH monitors the patient’s connected health devices such as blood pressure, temperature, tablet dispensers, etc. Your staff’s activity at each visited client is automatically logged creating an accurate attendance record for your medical, care, or aligned staff. SARAH is specifically designed for Health Service Providers to allow you to create your own Remote Patient Monitoring Network.  Your patient monitoring centre, carers, along with the client’s loved ones can monitor scenarios via SARAH’s intuitive dashboard, or receive alerts when known scenario patterns alter.

ScreenSmarts PNG Trans Background 300w

ScreenSmarts integrates with your existing Digital Media Screens to silently detect the presence of your customers and interrupt normal sign content programming to display personalised contextual offers or information. ScreenSmarts connects Digital Signs and Smartphones effectively turning any smartphone into a real-time remote control. ScreenSmarts can deliver the same or different content to a user’s smartphone and the digital display screen, maximising the effect of both screens. Imagine a customer being presented an offer on the large format Digital Sign and simultaneously receiving the unique redemption bar code on their smartphone. ScreenSmarts connects to your existing CRM and analytics systems. Manage thousands of ScreenSmart installations remotely through our iPX™ platform.

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Engage visitors based on their precise activity with HelloLocal, our clever, location and context aware App that delivers contextual information to visitors based on their proximity. When HelloLocal detects an iProximity Beacon it searches the iPX™ to determine which Zone the Beacon is assigned and then adopts the parameters associated with that Zone. So if the Beacon is associated with a Zone named after the City of Torquay, HelloLocal, rebrands and becomes Hello Torquay and will display for the user all the associated information in that Torquay Zone. HelloLocal is specifically designed for customers that wish to leverage the many benefits of proximity marketing and information services without the hassle of creating your own App.


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