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Developing Powerful Customer Insights

Our Internet of Things technology gives retailers powerful new insights about customer visitation behaviour, product interest and dwell time, route through the store, etc. When combined with data about their online and mobile browsing history, previous activity and knowledge from your CRM, it allows you create engaging messaging through the customers smartphone, digital display screens or through immediate targeted advertising campaigns.

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Create Engaging Customer Experiences

The most critical element of your Retail IoT play is customer engagement. Without engagement you will not produce the quality of data required to have valuable interactions with your customer. Whether you start with great product information, just in time digital coupon offers, or recommendations based on previous purchases, with a great engagement plan it can all lead to loyal, engaged customers who are true brand ambassadors.

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Monitor People Places & Things

Sensors, tags and smart devices like our iPR™ allows Retailers to monitor customer and staff movements via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Beacon enabled apps, or simple motion sensors. Monitor stock levels in real time with RFID tags and program alerts to remind staff what floor stock is low. Automate the monitoring of stock temperatures, store room cupboards and doors, light intensity, store temperature, etc and have this information on your phones dashboard to ensure you are aware of the critical factors in your business.

Retail IoT Solutions

Women in front of screens 400pxDigital Signage is transformed with ScreenSmarts, allowing the content of the sign to be changed based on the proximity of people, or, allowing any smartphone to choose a screen’s content. We call it “smart digital signage” by ScreenSmarts

  • Proximity Driven Content: Automatically interrupting your digital sign’s programming to display contextual content specifically for the known person approaching the screen’s proximity.

  • Smartphones control Digital Signage: ScreenSmarts can turn any smartphone into a remote control of a digital screen allowing the viewer to choose which of your content they wish to see.

  • Content on both Smartphone & Signage: ScreenSmarts can deliver the same or different content simultaneously to both the user’s smartphone and the digital screen.

Learn more about ScreenSmarts

ad-retargetingiProximity’s platforms and sensors are designed to interact with people through understanding their proximity and activities with a location. This contextual engagement can be extended to allow advertsing platforms to be significally more targeted in delivering advertising feeds to their web and mobile applications.

iProximity is a proud partner of Unacast. Unacast is the number one platform connecting consumer’s offline behavior from beacons and other sensors with online marketing platforms. The Unacast network is the largest network of proximity companies in the world and now includes over 1 million deployed sensors globally, cementing its number one status as the backend of all proximity data.

The ability to connect what customers do offline in the real world to what they do online – combining their physical and digital selves – means greater convenience, faster shopping, immersive experiences, more relevant communication, tailored products and offers.

iProximity’s re-targeting solutions include the ability for you to re-target your own customers and sell your proximity information to other parties that may wish to advertise to customers based on your proximity information.

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iProximity enables our customers to deeply engage consumers based on their proximity within a location. We incorporate the latest technology including Beacons, RFID, NFC, Dynamic QR Codes, SMS and Wi-Fi combined with the consumer’s smartphone to deliver contextual marketing or information services based precisely on that consumer’s current activity.

iProximity has developed the leading proximity management and campaign platform the “iPX” that simply manages 1 or thousands of campaigns and locations from the cloud. In addition, we have proximity apps including the multi-award winning HelloLocal and unique information discovery products such as TapBoards, our advertising re-targeting solution, our mobile coupon platform ‘Moups‘ and ScreenSmarts that integrates proximity with digital signage . With solutions designed for Enterprise and Community, iProximity is the cutting edge provider of proximity solutions.

Find out more on proximity marketing


iProximity has a mobile coupon business called the Mobile Coupon Factory.

Mobile coupons can be distributed via social media, email, SMS, Wi-Fi or pulled by the consumer using QR codes, NFC tags, Beacons etc. MOBILE COUPON FACTORY’s coupons  are fully interactive allowing you create entertaining coupons from loyalty cards to scratch and win games.

Our coupons are location enabled and can be triggered by both Beacons and geo-location technology. Naturally our platform includes a series of coupon validation methods, data integration and real time analytics.

Moups are a great way to use your Beacons to interact with consumers with or without a mobile app.

Visit Mobile Coupon Factory and download some trial coupons

Contact Us to Learn More About Smart Retail IoT

The partnership between Fujitsu and iProximity delivers a range of smart IoT solutions for Retailers.

  • By incorporating Beacons with digital signage as customers pass by personalised content can be automatically displayed. Click to read about ScreenSmarts
  • By using their smartphone and technology such as Beacons, NFC, or scanning product codes customers can receive immersive product information delivered to both digital signage or their smartphone, or different content to both.
  • Click and collect processes can be made to operate more smoothly and almost fully automated in some environments.
  • Digital coupons collected on email or social media can be automatically geo-location or Beacon triggered when the customer is in store.
  • Customers product interest can be collected for re-tragetting and advertising purposes.
  • Sensors in spaces and on products can deliver real-time information to ad both knowledge and efficiency to retailer’s process.

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